About us

About us
We are two fursuit makers from Czech Republic. Name of our studio was created from our nicknames Werewolf66 and Motomo Wahots. We live in Prague with our cat Felicity and dog Otik. 

We build fursuits since 2010, under name WMW66 Costumes since 2013. 
We focus especially to (semi)realistic fursuits with resin base, but we love mae toony style too!. We also can make animatronic heads, first animatronic suits was our fursuits where we gain lots of experience. 



 Is responsible for functionality. Generally Were makes head from the inside, he casts, grinds and cuts heads. All animatronic is his work, he makes moveable jaws, ears, eyebrows, LED eyes etc.


Is responsible for look of suits and communication with customers. Motomo makes bases and molds, puts fur on head, sews bodysuits, paws and makes footpaws.

Motomo also runs Etsy shop with fursuit making parts as head bases, foam toes, silicone parts ets. http://www.etsy.com/shop/WMW66Costumes

You can find us on Deviantart, Furaffinity or Facebook where you can see our WIPs :)